Meet Alulu Camera, an Instant Film Camera that uses Receipts as Film

Meet Alulu Camera, an Instant Film Camera that uses Receipts as Film

Alulu Camera, the Receipt Paper Film Camera is a carefree and environmental way to print in black and white on receipt paper.

The camera is about the size of a fat point-and-shoot, with charming little dials on the top to select exposure mode or a 10-second if you want it, and a shutter button. On the side is the charge port and a button to advance the paper. The back has a little frame that flips out and helps you set up your shot.

Inside the 3D-printed, acrylic-plated exterior, the guts of the camera are simple. An off-the-shelf camera stack that does all the hard work of actually taking a picture. The camera sends its signal to a custom board that prepares and optimizes the image for black-and-white printing.

To be clear, we’re talking black and white, not shades of grey. The printer inside the camera is a standard receipt printer, which uses heat-activated ink that’s either transparent or black and nothing in between. You feed paper in via a little chamber on the bottom. Thankfully creating the appearance of shading in 1-bit imagery is old hat for computer graphics, and an algorithm dithers and tweaks the picture so that more or fewer dots in various patterns create the illusion of a wider palette.

The photos were instantly printed on receipt paper(with a little stutter like a dot matrix printer) and charming little artifacts indeed. You can even use receipts you’re given at stores or restaurants, if they fit, and you can always fold it over a bit if it’s too large.

1. Instantly prints the photos you take on receipt paper and does not require any ink: The Alulu Camera prints your photos instantly onto your choice of a new blank roll of thermal (receipt) paper OR your old receipts. It’ll cost you next to nothing.
2. REUSES all those receipts building up in your wallet and in the landfills: All those receipts you receive from retail, restaurants, etc. are NOT recyclable. Now, you can reuse receipts as film in the Alulu Camera! Your receipt + your photo on top = the perfect memorabilia.
3. Is the perfect little gadget to express your creativity: Without the pressure to perfect each expensive using traditional film cameras, you are free to create and experiment like never before.
Rewind the thermal paper after your first print to create a double exposure.
Annotate your photos with as much facial hair as you can imagine.
Pull on the photo to create divides.
The possibilities are endless.
4. Is the perfect “receipt” of your memories: Remember that trip to the coffee shop with an old friend or that wild concert by printing a photo on your receipt — create a receipt of your experience. Stick the photos in your scrapbook or bullet journal, create collages, share them with friends, display in your wallet, hang a scroll in your room, make a scarf, it’s up to you.
5. Is an environmentally conscious way to create photos without animal products: Traditional film is not vegan and contains traces of animal product(s). For our vegans and/or consumption-aware friends, the thermal paper used by the Alulu Camera does not contain animal products! The Alulu Camera does not even require any ink to create your photos.


  • Creates a lo-fi stippled photograph: A unique algorithm is used to create an optimized grey-scale image created by thousands of little dots. The Alulu Camera does not use ink. Instead, the dots are created as the paper reacts with the heating of the printer head. The result is a lo-fi stippled instant film photograph.
  • Manual lighting settings to create the best photo in any environment: The Alulu Camera has four lighting settings to take the best photo in any environment: sunny, cloudy, indoor, and flash. The flash option illuminates your surroundings when taking photos in a dark environment.
  • A self timer for group photos: Get everybody in the photo! A self timer option gives you 10 seconds after you press the button to position and capture a great photograph of everybody — photographer included!
  • An acrylic frame viewfinder to help you frame your subject: The acrylic frame viewfinder swings out from the back to help you frame your photographic subject and scenes.
  • Recharge with a micro USB cable: The Alulu Receipt Camera is easy to recharge by the micro USB port on the side of the camera.


The company started working on this camera project in May and have moved very quickly since. The camera you see in the photos above and in the images are actual working prototypes, they have developed since then. The $300,000, they would raise from Kickstarter campaign will go directly to starting mass manufacturing for the Alulu Camera. Their device is complex, requiring many custom manufacturing lines which is why they would need to raise such a large amount. They are expecting to start shipping cameras in December 2020!


Meet Alulu Camera, an Instant Film Camera that uses Receipts as Film
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Meet Alulu Camera, an Instant Film Camera that uses Receipts as Film
Alulu Camera, the Receipt Paper Film Camera is a carefree and environmental way to print photos in black and white on receipt paper.
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