Touchjet Wave projector system turns your Flatscreen TV or Monitor into Touchscreen

Touchjet Wave projector system turns your Flatscreen TV or Monitor into Touchscreen

The Touchjet Wave is a projector that’s mounted on the top of your TV which turns your TV into touchscreen. You don’t need to use remote controls and small buttons anymore. You can simply use your fingers or any object to interact with your TV in touchscreen mode.

The Touchjet Wave runs with a built-in Android OS letting you download and play your favorite games. Whether it’s watching with your friends and family, or presenting to a class, you can flip between the two with ease on the big screen. If you need to be further away from your TV, simply use your smartphone and the Touchjet app as a .

With Wi-Fi compatibility, the Touchjet Wave mounts on flatscreen TVs from 20″ to 65″ in size. It’s recommended that the thickness of the TV be 2″ or less. Installation takes only minutes: attach the mount, connect to TV by HDMI cable, and calibrate it.

Touch & Remote App Control: Touchscreen when you want, remote so you can control from your smartphone, and any object can be used as a stylus so you don’t worry about fingerprints. Use the Touchjet App (iOS and Android) on your smartphone as a remote control.

Watch Movies, Stream Music:  Liven up the room with Spotify, Pandora, you name it. Your music can be downloaded to your WAVE for offline use as well. Stream videos from WAVE without having to connect to other devices. Bring up Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, or any other streaming app.

Play Games:
Download and play the best gaming apps on a much bigger screen. Whether you’re a serious gamer or casually play with friends, the WAVE gives you more room for your favorite mobile games. Its touch sensors bring games to life, making WAVE a great device for entertaining & party games.

Browse the Web: Touchjet WAVE gives you access to the internet and allows you to stay connected to the digital world from home or at work.

Present and Collaborate: Use the conference room TV for an interactive presentation. Flip through your presentation directly on the big screen. No need to connect your computer to the TV. Access your presentations directly on the WAVE using apps such as Dropbox, Powerpoint and Touchjet Present.

The product is perfect for school, work or at home use. It is an affordable solution for a touchscreen projector that can be used by people of all ages. It costs $239.99 and you can buy it from Amazon.



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