The New Two-wheeler Mode on Google Maps shows Faster Routes for Beating Traffic

The New Two-wheeler Mode on Google Maps shows Faster Routes for Beating Traffic

It is easier to dodge through traffic with a bicycle or motorcycle than with a car; and now, Google Maps displays routes specifically tailored for two-wheelers when you look up destinations around you.

The new feature appears to be rolling out initially in India, and we got a chance to check it out here. You can access it by searching for a destination, and then tapping the motorcycle icon in the row of transport mode options.

The routes are generally faster (if not shorter), as they take into account shortcuts that are more easily accessible by two-wheeler, or offer directions that are quicker to navigate than when in you’re in a larger . Trips within town around 11AM were shorter by several minutes, while those that led you out of the city took significantly less time (Maps estimated that a 256KM trip would be roughly 40 minutes shorter on a bike than in a car).

You will need the latest version of Google Maps on Android v.9.67.1 to try two-wheeler mode. Hopefully, it will roll out to other countries that face traffic congestion and support large numbers of motorbikes. Google is slated to announce a few updates to its ‘Google for India’ initiative today, so we will soon learn if this feature is designed only for the country.


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