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Google Stadia – Powerful, Seamless, Next-gen Cloud Gaming Platform

Meet Google Fuchsia OS, a new OS which might replace Android and Chrome OS someday

Google announces Beta of Flutter, a framework for building iOS and Android apps

Researchers created ‘Impact Activation’ – The best way to press a button

Supernova app converts Sketch mobile app designs into native UI code

Google’s Slack alternative ‘Hangouts Chat’ is available now

Dyson’s Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum might put an end for corded cleaning

Mozilla launches ‘Project Things’, an open framework for Smart Home devices

Micromax 50K2330UHD 4K TV – High-Resolution TV at a Low Price

Remastered ‘Star Ocean: The Last Hope’ is coming for PC, PS4 supporting full HD and 4K along with Image Settings for Shadows, Blur Effects

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