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Now you can write a letter to Artificial Intelligence (robot) that doesn’t exist

Apple started alerting users about the end of 32-bit app support on Mac

Mercedes’ futuristic headlights are available on top-of-the-line Mercedes-Maybachs

Porsche unveils its insanely fast Mission E Cross Turismo

Sandisk’s super-fast 400GB microSD is ready for 4K HDR video

Hygrobot – A self-locomotive tiny robots powered by moisture

With Ford’s Vision for Driverless Police Cars, you can’t Flirt a way out of Ticket

A million-dollar Space Battle is Happening in EVE Online Video Game

Prototype Satellite ‘CARBONITE-2’ makes way for 4K ‘Earth observation’

Mercedes-Benz Smart Vision EQ, a Cutest level-5 EV Concept Car on the Road

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