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Terms of Service – SoftcareCS

ReviveMed, a biotech startup that uses machine learning just raised $1.5 million in seed funding

NASA’s Orion spacecraft features more than 100 high performance 3D-printed parts

LG’s patent for a foldable phone shows Dual screens, batteries, headphone jacks

Devialet takes things up a level with its ‘Phantom Elevate’ hign end wireless speaker

Apple to make its own Pencil stylus device without touch-sensitive surface

With Ford’s Vision for Driverless Police Cars, you can’t Flirt a way out of Ticket

Vortx, 4D Immersive Video Game Accessory Blows Air at your Face while you are Gaming

Google acquires Redux, a U.K. Startup focused on Sound and Touch

Samsung is Working on Graphene Batteries, that could Charge your Phone in 12 minutes

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