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Fetch Robotics introduces Fetch and Freight robots for Automated Warehouse

Facebook has new job posting for Artificial Intelligence Chip Designers (ASIC and FPGA)

Meet StudioBricks, a Barcelona-based startup that sends you a Studio in a box

Audi gets on the flying car concept with Airbus and Italdesign, this year

Letown LT9 – The World’s First Smart True 4K Night-time Vehicle Security System

Samsung ‘The Wall’, a monstrous 146-inch Modular MicroLED TV

The Upcoming and Hottest TVs showcased at CES 2018

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41, a Smaller Smartwatch with Advanced Features

Soundot’s Modular Bluetooth Speaker lets you Create a Wall of Sound

Wi-Fiber’s Modular Street Lamp offers Smart Lighting through Municipal WiFi

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