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US Army joins ‘University of Minnesota’ building 3D-printed Soft Robots

BenevolentAI raised $115 million funding to develop drugs and energy solutions using AI

NASA’s Orion spacecraft features more than 100 high performance 3D-printed parts

Meet StudioBricks, a Barcelona-based startup that sends you a Studio in a box

Meet MOON – the first topographically accurate lunar globe project

Researchers from MIPT Russia found new material for quantum computing

Letown LT9 – The World’s First Smart True 4K Night-time Vehicle Security System

ASUS ‘Bezel-free Kit’ makes Multi-monitor Setups Seamless

Build your own Robots with Easycube Modular Robot, The Ultimate Fun

‘University of Washington’ Researchers Discovered 3D-printed Objects, that doesn’t need Batteries to Stay Online

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