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Meet Google Chat, new RCS messaging service in development, which might replace Android SMS

US Army joins ‘University of Minnesota’ building 3D-printed Soft Robots

Xperia XZ2 Premium – The ultra-low-light phone camera Sony promised in February 2018

Google Maps now points to landmarks, which are much easier than a tiny street sign

Google announces Beta of Flutter, a framework for building iOS and Android apps

Insta360 One, 4K 360 camera gets a massive upgrade with FlowState stabilization

Meet Tapplock One – World’s first smart fingerprint padlock with unbreakable design

Mercedes’ futuristic headlights are available on top-of-the-line Mercedes-Maybachs

Porsche unveils its insanely fast Mission E Cross Turismo

Nissan Formula E – an Electric-racing car design inspired by the Doppler effect

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