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Facebook has new job posting for Artificial Intelligence Chip Designers (ASIC and FPGA)

US Army joins ‘University of Minnesota’ building 3D-printed Soft Robots

Ford launches on-demand medical transportation service called ‘GoRide’

Vivo APEX FullView concept smartphone hides a pop-up selfie cam

Apple HomePod comes out unscathed in the audiophile testing

The Upcoming and Hottest TVs showcased at CES 2018

3dRudder announces Improved version of ‘Blackhawk’ VR Foot Controller

Newest Humanoid Robot ‘Kengoro’, who can do Sit-ups, Push-ups, Back Extensions

Plex launches Winamp-inspired Music Player ‘Plexamp’-Tiny Media Player with Impressive Features

The World’s First ‘Smart Train’ with Virtual Tracks launched in China

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