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Nissan Formula E – an Electric-racing car design inspired by the Doppler effect

Renault’s EZ-GO Driverless Electric Concept Car is ridesharing for the masses

With Ford’s Vision for Driverless Police Cars, you can’t Flirt a way out of Ticket

Uber partners with JUMP bikes to test Dockless Bike-sharing option

Apple expands its Self-driving Cars to become the Automation Dominator

Toyota e-Palette, a Fully Autonomous Mass Electric Vehicle

Google brings its Assistant to Android Auto in the US, this week

Intel reveals its new Loihi AI Chip and a new 49-qubit Quantum Chip

GM and Cruise reveals its Fourth-generation Cruise Autonomous Vehicle (AV)

Byton’s new Electric Concept SUV features 49″ Display covering entire Dash

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