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SpaceX launches NASA’s new planet-hunting Satellite TESS(Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite)

Now you can Discover your own planets using AstroNet (code by NASA+Google)

LG’s V30 smart phone will feature an AI-powered Camera ‘LG Vision AI’

Samsung ‘The Wall’, a monstrous 146-inch Modular MicroLED TV

Micromax 50K2330UHD 4K TV – High-Resolution TV at a Low Price

AOC PDS271 Porsche Design – 27” Class IPS Ultra Slim LED Monitor

Notion Ink Able 10, an Ultrafast Windows 10 Tablet with a Detachable Keyboard

MSI Optix MAG, Curved Gaming Monitor features 1800R Curvature on VA LED Panel

New Layouts for ‘XMIT Hall Effect’ Mechanical Keyboard are Available at Massdrop

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