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ReviveMed, a biotech startup that uses machine learning just raised $1.5 million in seed funding

Meet Google Fuchsia OS, a new OS which might replace Android and Chrome OS someday

Intel reveals its Core i9 processors for a faster gaming and video editing on laptops

Fetch Robotics introduces Fetch and Freight robots for Automated Warehouse

BenevolentAI raised $115 million funding to develop drugs and energy solutions using AI

Xperia XZ2 Premium – The ultra-low-light phone camera Sony promised in February 2018

US AI firm Voicera acquires Dubai AI startup Wrappup to boost Meeting Summary

GM announces stunning Buick Enspire, an all-electric SUV concept

Boosted electric skateboards are now shorter and cheaper

LG’s patent for a foldable phone shows Dual screens, batteries, headphone jacks

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