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Siri, the intelligent personal assistant now uses Google to search instead of Bing

Siri, the intelligent personal assistant now uses Google to search instead of Bing

Apple is now using Google as its default for and Spotlight web search results. When you ask a question and it falls back on a web search, the default search engine used will be Google instead of Microsoft’s Bing. The says, consistency of search results is the reason behind it.

Currently, Safari on Mac and iOS already use Google search as the default provider. The search results include regular ‘web links’ as well as video results. Web image results from Siri will still come from Bing, for now. Bing has had more than solid image results for some time now so that makes some sense. If you use Siri to search your own photos, it will, of course, use your own library instead. Interestingly, video results will come directly from YouTube.

All of the search results that you see in these different cases will come directly from the search API, which means you will be getting the raw, ranked search results that start below all of the ads and Knowledge Graph stuff that appears on a regular Google home page. Once you have clicked on a YouTube video, you are still going to get served ads, so there is a revenue driver here for Google, even if it’s not direct.

Credits: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/25/apple-switches-from-bing-to-google-for-siri-web-search-results-on-ios-and-spotlight-on-mac/

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