Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable Phone, could be Ready to Launch

Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable Phone, could be Ready to Launch

The mobile manufactures like Samsung, LG and other seems to be working on mobile devices with bending displays for years. Recently, there was rumor that ZTE could release something like that in the October 2018. Samsung, might be the first to launch truly .

Samsung confirmed in September that it indeed plans to launch a foldable smartphone in 2018 under its Galaxy Note brand, as reported by Bloomberg.

Design: The Galaxy X’s design has been a bit of a moving target over the last few years, as reports have offered conflicting details on exactly how it might look and operate. All the way back in 2014, a Samsung executive said that the company was considering a flexible smartphone that could fold in half. At the , the executive said that the smartphone would arrive in 2015. That design concept was bolstered in 2016, when a Samsung patent surfaced showing a device that could fold like a flip phone of old. The smartphone in the patent had a hinge at the middle that would allow you to fold it in one direction. It also came with a camera on the back. Soon after, another patent was discovered that showed a smartphone with a wavy design with multiple curves along its axis. While it was similarly foldable, it appeared to have a bit more flexibility than the other version of the handset.

Display Size: According to a report earlier this year, Samsung’s smartphone could have a display around 5 or 6 inches. However, with help from an unrolling mechanism built into the smartphone, that screen could actually be unfurled to 8 inches, if not more, when fully extended.

Specs: Speculation abounds that Samsung will make the Galaxy X a high-end device that could ultimately run on a powerful processor like the upcoming 845 chip, but Samsung hasn’t confirmed that. A more recent report says that the Galaxy S9 will get this processor first.

Release Date and Cost: Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh has acknowledged that the Galaxy X is in the works and said that there’s a strong likelihood the smartphone will be available sometime in 2018. Those September comments followed reports that the smartphone could make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in February 2018. Also unknown is how much the Galaxy X might cost. But considering that the Galaxy Note 8 without a foldable screen starts at $929, chances are you will pay more than $1,000 to own Samsung’s first foldable phone.


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