Samsung DeX – Turn your phone into a PC-like experience from Anywhere

Samsung DeX – Turn your phone into a PC-like experience from Anywhere

Now a days, computers are getting smaller, particularly when netbooks and tiny little Chromebits are introduced to the market. Samsung launches Dex concept that turns your into a PC-like experience; you can turn any place into a workplace.

The $150 DeX is merely a dock that props up the Galaxy S8 or S8+ and hooks it up to a variety of peripherals. It offers no additional internal components unless you count the pop-up fan that’s meant to keep the GS8 cradled by cool air while it’s in its desktop mode. The DeX offers an HDMI-out port, an ethernet jack, and two full-size USB ports. USB-connected mice and keyboards work almost instantly once you plug them in. Note that it’s best to pair everything to the Galaxy S8 before it’s plugged into DeX.

To that end, DeX doesn’t always play nice with all USB-connected things. For instance, when you plug in a separate Logitech webcam to use inside a group Hangouts meeting, it didn’t work. It’s fine with USB-connected card readers and flash drives, however, so if picking off files from antiquated hardware is in your realm, you’ll be covered by that here.

It’s important to note that the DeX is not a traditional standalone computer. If you’re planning to use this thing on the road, for example, you’ll have to remember to pack the necessary add-ons and enhancements. You won’t have to worry about the monitor, however, as DeX works just fine with hotel room TVs. While on the road for Google I/O, leaving the included charger at home means you couldn’t use the DeX dock at all. DeX requires a lot of power, and you can’t get away with packing light if you plan on packing it, too.

Perhaps the biggest inconvenience of the DeX is that there is no additional headphone jack. The Galaxy S8+’s headphone jack is on the bottom, so it’s obstructed when the phone is docked. You could use a set of -enabled speakers, or perhaps the headphone jack through an external monitor, but otherwise, you’re relegated to listen to and conduct interviews through the Galaxy S8’s built-in and speakers.

DeX’s desktop interface looks like something you’d use on a full-size Mac and PC, save for the instances when it’s not. Like Windows, it has a start menu of sorts the app drawer, essentially in to a taskbar (or the status bar on ). Individual windows are maneuverable in every which way unless the apps were specifically coded for use on a smartphone. In some instances, you’ll even get a marker to let you know that an app can be used in landscape mode if you require.


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