Microsoft Develops Quantum Computing Programming Language

Microsoft Develops Quantum Computing Programming Language

Microsoft has been working on aspects of building a quantum computing ecosystem for some time, but today it announced one of the first practical applications for developers, a quantum computing programming language. The language will be deeply integrated into Visual Studio, so you won’t need to be a quantum computing expert to use it. The code from language will run in a quantum simulator. In future, programs built with the programming language will be able to run on actual topological quantum computers.

Microsoft itself recently set up a lab for building a ‘topological’ quantum computer, a form of quantum computer which has more stable qubits with built-in fault-tolerance. The more stable the qubits are, the easier it is to do more advanced computation on the quantum computer.

Quantum computers could make testing new drugs or researching new types of material a process of weeks or months instead of decades, once they’re powerful enough. When they will reach that level is hard to say, but Google and IBM believe that the quantum computing revolution will truly begin when we reach ‘’.

Quantum supremacy is the moment in time when a quantum computer can perform certain calculations faster than any supercomputer on the planet. Google and IBM believe this will happen when we will have a 50-or-so qubit quantum computer. Google has promised to unveil one such computer later this year.


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