Planck Light Ortho Keyboard features Low Profile Switches, RGB Assignable LEDs, USB-C, and a Super Slim Form Factor

Planck Light Ortho Keyboard features Low Profile Switches, RGB Assignable LEDs, USB-C, and a Super Slim Form Factor

Jack Humbert of OLKB (Ortholinear Keyboards) announced that the new Planck is going to go on sale on Massdrop starting on November 22 at 9am EST. It will have the same 4u x 12u compact 40% layout as the original Planck, and both Grid and MIT plate designs will be available. Grid layout includes only 1u key sizes, whereas the MIT plate design includes a 2u spacebar.

The biggest change is the use of the new low-profile Kailh PG1350 switch types, which will be available in linear, tactile, and clicky. Using these new switches along with lower profile, flat keycaps will make the keyboard drastically thinner than the original Planck. Humbert also mentioned that he’s still finalizing the keycap options, carrying sleeve, and USB cable choices.

There will be four case colors to pick from: black, silver, navy, and orange. There are three options if you would like your keyboard to be pre-assembled. If you order clicky switches, you’ll receive a navy case, linear switches will come with a silver case, and tactile switches will come with a black case. The Planck Light will also include full SMD RGB backlighting. You will be able to customize each switch’s backlighting to your heart’s content.

A smaller change in the Planck Light includes a pivot from USB to Type-C, for anyone interested in a more reliable, reversible connector.

Massdrop reached out to note that the drop opens on November 22 to collect requests, but it won’t be live for purchases until November 24. Also, Humbert stated in a Reddit thread that it will cost about $130 with switches and keycaps. The available options for the keyboard are:

  • Four case colors (black, silver, navy, and orange)
  • Three Kailh PG1350 switch types (linear, tactile, and clicky)
  • Three assembly options! (keeping it simple the first time)
    • Clicky + Navy
    • Linear + Silver
    • Tactile + Black


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