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Are you getting a message saying “No Signal”? Perhaps your computer sounds like its turning on, but it is not getting anywhere? Chances are you have a hardware problem, where a part has stopped functioning inside your computer. We would carry a fully stocked diagnostic kit to help diagnose the faulty part, and of course provide you with a range of options on what is need to ensure you are back online in no time. Why waste time dropping off your computer at a shop, just to have it waiting around for days before someone looks at it? Just call us today!


With so many programs and application running on your computer today, it is very easy for it to function slowly. This is where we can help you! We can provide a wide range of options to speed up your sluggish computer, from providing extra hardware to your computer for extra speed, to removing unnecessary files that may be slowly the processing power. Call us or walk in to our office today to get your PC back in shape.


Has your computer crashed? Perhaps it is just beeping at you or giving you some strange error message on a blue screen! We know how scary it can be when your computer breaks down which is why we aim to have a quick service to help you as soon as possible.
We can then diagnose the fault quickly and most importantly, make sure that any recoverable files (such as your photos and documents) are backed up and saved before commencing work to fix the computer crash. We specialize in the following operating systems:
* Windows XP Crash
* Windows Vista Crash
* Windows 7 Crash
* Linux Crash


SoftcareCS now offers laptop repair of all makes and models. In addition to our standard laptop repair such as virus removal, Internet issues and Windows problems – we now perform the following hardware .
* Laptop Screen Replacement
* Laptop Keyboard Replacement
* Laptop Backlight/Inverter Replacements
* Laptop RAM Upgrades
* Laptop Hard Drive Upgrades

We offer fixed cost repair services for all laptop issues, plus the cost of any parts that may be required. For a quote to get your laptop repaired, give us a call on +9591257075 and speak to us. Brands Of Laptops Repaired Include:

Acer ASUS Compaq Dell Toshiba HP Sony Samsung IBM Lenovo


Do you have one internet connection and more than one computer? Perhaps you have a laptop and want to work out the best way to share files with your other computer? Maybe you just want something as simple as being able to surf the web from the comfort of your bed without all the annoying cables! With so many great wireless technologies available, we can help you work out what would be the most suitable solution for your family needs, and most importantly, make sure your connection is both safe and secure.


Are you having problems with your internet, but just cannot understand where you are going wrong? We know that not everyone knows the difference between a router and a modem, and that is what we are here for! Why go another day without being able to check your Twitter, or check your important emails? If you are having any sort of email or Internet connection issue, call us for diagnosing and repairing internet faults, to help you get back online as soon as possible.


Is your computer running slower than it used to? Perhaps you have unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen? Chances are you may have picked up one of the thousands of types of virus or malware programs online, which are easy to accidentally download even with the best protection available. We do take care of such virus, spyware and trojan problems and make your computer secure from all such bugs.


Have you lost data on your computer? Whether your hard drive has failed, your flash drive has stopped working, or you cannot get photos off your camera – we can help! We are able to come onsite and diagnose the issue, and then discuss all options that are available to you to ensure the highest chance of having your precious data recovered.
We do have some of the lowest prices around for data recovery services. Prices do vary depending on the severity of the issue. Please note that as Advanced Data Recovery is a specialty service, it will be needed to take your hard drive / storage device off site to complete the work. We are required to work in special dust proof rooms that enable us to perform “surgery” on your hard drive. This service is far more advanced and has a much higher success rate than standard software based recovery attempts. IMPORTANT: As data loss is often caused by physical damage on a hard disk, it is vital that you stop using the device and seek specialist advice straight away. If your data loss is on the same drive that you use Windows on, make sure you turn your computer off as soon as possible. If your data is important to you, give us a call today on (0824) 2293760 or 9886406455 to speak to our expert who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. DDR Solutions Data Recovery Services.


* We recover data from a wide range of hard drives Software faults, Formatted Disks, Deleted Files, Mechanical and Electronic Failures. XD / SD / CF / MS / MMC Cards.
* We can recover data from a range of digital media and memory cards. Formatted cards, Corrupted cards, Deleted Files and Damaged Devices. USB Flash Drives.
* We recover data from USB Flash Drives. Formatted drives, Corrupted drives, Deleted files, Logical Errors and Damaged Devices.

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