OpenShot, An Award Winning Open Source Video Editor – Very Useful

OpenShot, An Award Winning Open Source Video Editor – Very Useful

OpenShot is an open source and cross-platform powerful video editor that is used for professionally creating and editing videos. It features a bunch of fantastic video editing tools including 3D animations, & keyframes, audio effects, trimming & slicing, etc. It has simple and uncluttered User Interface which is quick to learn, customize, and to use.


  • Cross-Platform: Enjoy OpenShot on your Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux PCs.
  • FOSS: Free to download, use, and contribute to its source code which is available on GitHub.
  • Unlimited layers and tracks.
  • Create titles and subtitles (including using templates).
  • Support for a variety of audio, video, and formats.
  • Supports time mapping and effects.
  • Inbuilt audio mixing and editing tools.
  • .
  • accuracy for editing videos by .
  • Digital video effects, including , hue, chroma key (bluescreen/greenscreen), greyscale, etc.
  • Supports 3D animation.

Learn More: Complete Features | Screenshots | Video Tutorials

DownloadLinux (64-bit AppImage)Linux (64-bit AppImage) TorrentPPA (Personal Package Archive)Mac OS X (64-bit DMG) | Mac OS X (64-bit DMG) TorrentWindows (64-bit Installer)Windows (64-bit Installer) Torrent | Daily Builds



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