Nvidia Max-Q, Powerful and Quiet Gaming in a Thin Notebook

Nvidia Max-Q, Powerful and Quiet Gaming in a Thin Notebook

Nvidia’s new line of GPU ‘Max-Q‘ are combined with a design philosophy to allow powerful, quiet gaming in a thin notebook.

“Historically, we had this approach where you crank everything to the max because you’re chasing the most amount of performance; not quite to this extent, but everything else be damned”, said Mark Aevermann, Nvidia’s director of product management for gaming.

“When you start to take a different lens and say, ‘How do you find the most efficiency?’ you can start changing every single assumption you built into the GPU over 20 years of design”. Aevermann said that Max-Q, as well as many other technologies developed by Nvidia, come out of ‘sympathy for the end user’.

Max-Q has competition coming in 2018. Intel and AMD have announced initiatives to bring powerful to thin notebooks. AMD will have its Vega APUs in Ryzen Mobile notebooks and will provide integrated for some Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs. Nvidia, Aevermann said, is at an advantage because the has been focused on that goal for years.

“All I can say from an Nvidia perspective is that this is not something we woke up in the last six months and decided we wanted to go fix”. — Andrew E. Freedman

Credits: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/innovation-awards-2017,review-4938.html#p5

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