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Microsoft Confirms that it is No Longer Focusing on New Features and Hardware of Mobile Platform

Microsoft Confirms that it is No Longer Focusing on New Features and Hardware of Mobile Platform

operating system group vice president Joe Belfiore revealed on Twitter today that is no longer focusing on its mobile platform. However, they will continue to support the existing platform bug fixes, security updates, etc.

The volume of users on the platform was too low to encourage . Last week, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser is in beta for iOS and Android, and it released a new app launcher for Android. At Microsoft Build in May, the company revealed a number of ways it was integrating 10 into other mobile platforms, including a universal ‘Pick Up Where You Left Off’ feature, One Drive for iMessage and access to OneDrive files while offline.

This off-course kills the hope for the long-rumored Surface Phone, which would have paired Microsoft’s with its software. Now, Microsoft has turned its mobile attention to iOS and Android entirely. Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft revealed he switched to Android, and Bill Gates revealed that he did so, too.

HP tried to fuse the Windows 10 Mobile with its phone Elite x3, has recently announced that it canceled its slate of Windows Phone devices.

Last year, Microsoft cut over 1,800 jobs as it phased out the Nokia brand, which is had acquired previously to support Windows Phone. Now, beyond some security patches, the final death signal has truly sounded.

Credits: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/windows-phone-dead,news-25957.html

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