Meet NDA Lynn, an AI that can evaluate confidentiality agreements for free

Meet NDA Lynn, an AI that can evaluate confidentiality agreements for free

NDA Lynn is an AI lawyerbot that can evaluate confidentiality agreements for free and it is a perfect example of the role artificial intelligence will probably play in our life.

For the past decade or so, Arnoud Engelfriet has been the Netherland’s go-to guy for any question regarding internet and the law. Also his last name translates roughly to ‘Angelic Fries,’ which is awesome.

One of the services Engelfriet offered was checking NDAs if they should be signed. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are pretty standard business contracts used to keep confidential information under wraps. They are quite common, but do require some scrutiny to establish what exactly establishes a breach and that they don’t gag one forever.

“A businessman who needs his NDAs checked, but doesn’t have the budget to have them all checked, only needs to know which one really needs to looked at by a ,” he says. “And if something is too expensive to do manually, but people need it a lot, it’s a good candidate for automation,” he concludes.

Checking NDAs pretty standard work, but nonetheless time-consuming. So he put his degree to good use and started building an AI that could help him out.

On the one hand automating boring tasks to leave more time for interesting work is great news. In the grimmest version of our AI future, the polarization of work could lead to a divide between doing the shitty work of teaching AI how to do shitty work, and all the human work that will be able to be done by less people – leading to more competition for those human jobs.

In a slightly less grim version, the models become better and better at training themselves, requiring less and less input from humans – leaving the grunts without a job.




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