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LG launches 24 inch Gaming Monitors for Pro Gamers with Cool Features

LG launches 24 inch Gaming Monitors for Pro Gamers with Cool Features

The LG’s 24 inch gaming monitor offers fantastic features like 144Hz refresh rate, , Black Stabilizer, gaming pad, 1ms response time and it has Ergonomic Design.

Games in general are a multi-billion dollar industry and gaming has become a legitimate profession sport where teams and individuals compete to win accolades and case. There are video streaming platforms like Twitch in which gamers can stream themselves playing a game, and hundreds tune in to chat and interact with each other. So it’s pretty evident that gaming need to be taken very seriously.

With any skill, having the right tools can really make the difference. The same goes true when gaming. Good gaming peripherals can be the difference between winning and losing. However, while most new gamers tend to focus on buying a gaming mouse or a keyboard, only the best know how important a gaming monitor can be. LG understands exactly what the needs and that it why it offers top notch features on its 24-inch gaming monitor. Here are some of the coolest features offered by the LG 24GM79G gaming monitor.

Ultra fast refresh rate

High refresh rates are always better when it comes to gaming. The LG 24-inch gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 144Hz. This means that you’ll be able to see up to 144 frames per second on the monitor. Since each frame is on screen for a shorter time as compared to a 60Hz or 120Hz monitor, you get less screen tearing. This is especially useful when playing fast paced action games like shooters when you need to see exactly where the enemy is and make the shot first.

The monitor also offers 1ms Motion Blur Reduction Technology. When turned on, this technology added a black image with backlight blinking effect. So in between each frame, the monitor inserts a black frame. This helps reduce motion blurring as the backlight is off between frames, which means that there is no visuals emitted when pixels are changing state between two subsequent frames.

1ms response time

The activation of 1ms Motion Blur Reduction technology also has an added benefit of reducing response time down to 1ms. Response time is the time taken by the monitor to reflect the actions you take via an input device such as a mouse or a keyboard, that’s why it is also called ‘input lag’.

As you would expect, this has a massive effect when you are gaming. When you give a command, you expect to see results immediately. This is especially true for online shooters where you get a split second to shoot the enemy. Higher input lag would mean that the opponent gets more time to run away or shoot back at you.

Dynamic Action Sync

If you haven’t noticed yet, input lag is a pretty big deal when it comes to gaming. As if having a faster response time wasn’t enough, LG 24-inch gaming monitor also offers Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) for an even better response time.

As the name would imply, this nifty little features syncs your actions with what you see. So when you see an enemy in your crosshairs and you click your mouse, your actions will be registered. So your skills will directly reflect your reflexes. Just what you want when you play a lot of shooters, especially online.

Black Stabilizer


When gaming, the last thing you would want is for an enemy to jump out at you from a dark spot. With Black Stabilizer, the LG 24-inch gaming monitor is able to automatically sense dark areas, and make those brighter as compared to when the feature is turned off. Essentially, it offers clearer contrast to give gamers maximum visibility at all times

This handy feature makes a lot of sense in games where you need to be aware of everything that’s going on on screen. Of when you are playing a shooter or a horror game, your enemies will not be able to camp in the dark, waiting for you to drop your guard.

Ergonomic Design


As with any sport, there are some health concerns to keep in mind when gaming for hours on end. This mostly has to do with posture. Older monitors have very little flexibility, as such, gamers had to adjust themselves in order to reach that “sweet spot.”

The LG 24-inch gaming monitor offer multiple way to tilt and swivel the monitor as per your needs. So instead of you adjust to mind the sweet spot, you can bring the sweet spot to you. The height of the monitor can also be adjusted so that it matches the eye level of the gamer. All these ensure that you back, neck and eyes are badly affected due to hours of gaming.




Game Pad

The LG 24-inch gaming monitor also comes with a that lets you customise the picture quality for different genre of games. So you can have a certain setting for , and another for RTS games or have one for a custom game. There are two dedicated buttons for , one for RTS and one setting for any other game of your choice.

The buttons for the different game modes are located just below the display for quick access. So you’ll be able to switch between the modes on the fly, without the need to navigate through many different menus. Perfect for those who love to play many different types and genres of games.

To know more about the LG 24GM79G monitor, click here.

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