HighPoint launches SSD7101 Series PCI-Express 3.0 x16 NVMe RAID SSDs

HighPoint launches SSD7101 Series PCI-Express 3.0 x16 NVMe RAID SSDs

HighPoint Technologies launched SSD7101 drive solutions, using Samsung 960 NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) M.2 SSD’s. The SSD7101 Drive Series delivers transfer speeds 20 times faster than SATA SSDs into a PCIe device the size of your average graphics card.

You get an 8TB SSD that will work on your workstation without being locked into a proprietary system. The new HighPoint SSD7101 series is such a product, but you don’t have to spend $6,500 to achieve a blistering 13,500 MB/s of performance. The company offers several solutions including a DIY model so you can add your own M.2 SSDs.

HighPoint will soon release seven new products designed to satisfy performance enthusiasts. The upcoming SSD7101 series comes to market in a user-friendly bare DIY package or loaded with Samsung 960 EVO or Samsung 960 Pro NVMe drives. The possibilities are virtually endless, and unlike comparable products, you aren’t locked into a specific motherboard or PC brand.

There are several benefits to using an add-in card over your system’s existing M.2 ports. Most consumer-focused platforms, like Z270, only feature two M.2 ports, though some motherboards host three. Unfortunately, the ports usually route through the restrictive DMI bus that only provides a PCIe 3.0 x4 connection for all the devices connected to the PCH. Even normal use, like using a USB device or playing audio, will slow your storage system by chewing into the available bandwidth.

HighPoint SSD7101 drives integrate Samsung’s ultra-high performance 960 PCIe M.2 SSD series– the 960 PRO and 960 EVO – to deliver over 12GB/s of I/O () performance. With Samsung’s high- density 960 SSDs, the SSD7101 series provides up to 8TB (terabytes) of storage capacity via a single PCIe 3.0 slot, and over 20GB/s and up to 16TB in dual-drive configurations. Available in up to 2TB capacity, the 960 PRO is one of the fastest and highest capacity NVMe SSDs on the market today. Professionals who want high performance and longevity from their high-end workstation can opt for the 960 PRO. Additionally, Samsung offers the 960 EVO SSD, available up to 1TB capacity, which is ideal for mainstream users looking for faster and more reliable PC performance.

“The Samsung 960 series is designed to handle the demands of today’s complex data needs. Our latest NVMe series delivers more of what SSDs are known for – more speed, density, endurance and power efficiency. Thanks to our V-NAND , HighPoint’s latest drive solutions give professionals and consumers higher bandwidth and lower latency without sacrificing speed and performance,” said Richard Leonarz, Senior Director of Memory Marketing, Samsung Electronics America.

Unlocks the True Performance of NVMe SSDs, Hindered by Onboard DMI 3.0: HighPoint’s SSD7101 drive series unlocks the true potential of NVMe SSDs. Unlike onboard DMI 3.0-based NVMe solutions, which are forced to share a single PCIe 3.0 x4 lane with the motherboard’s SATA and USB ports, SSD7101 drives feature dedicated PCIe 3.0 x16 bus bandwidth. This unique architecture allows the drive to interface directly with the platform’s CPU, which provides PCIe x4 bandwidth for each .

Scale Performance and Capacity Across Multiple SSD 7101 Drives: The HighPoint NVMe Management Solution’s seamless interface was designed to accommodate applications that require transfer speeds exceeding 12GB/s, or capacities larger than 8TB. This simple and versatile storage solution can easily scale performance to match the requirements of each application.

A single SSD7101 series drive can aggregate up to four M.2 SSD modules at PCIe x16 bandwidth and 8TB of storage capacity, and double that when used in dual configurations, all at a price per GB comparable to that of traditional SATA SSD-based solutions.

The SSD7101 series breaks free from the conventional storage solution concept, where the size of the storage footprint determines the solution’s I/O transfer performance capability. Achieving 12GB/s transfer rates no longer requires complex arrays of 20 or more SATA SSDs, dozens of hard drives, and dedicated 3U or 4U rack mount chassis. All you need is a single SSD7101 drive and a free PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. Two SSD7101 drives and two PCIe slots can deliver over 20GB/s. SSD7101 drive solutions deliver an unbeatable combination of performance, capacity and cost in a compact, stand-alone PCIe device.

SSD7101 NVMe Product Series – Test units will be available at the end of May and mass production in shipping is planned for early July 2017.

SSD7101A-040T – 4TB capacity (960EVO 1TB X4)
SSD7101A-020T – 2TB capacity (960EVO 500GB x4)
SSD7101A-010T – 1TB capacity (960EVO 500GB x2)
SSD7101A-500G – 500GB capacity (960EVO 500GB x1)
SSD7101B-080T – 8TB capacity (960PRO 2TB x4)
SSD7101B-040T– 4TB capacity (960PRO 1TB x4)
SSD7101B-020T– 2TB capacity (960PRO 512GB x4)
SSD7101B-010T– 1TB capacity (960PRO512GB x2)

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