Google’s Wireless Smart Camera ‘Google Clips’ uses Artificial Intelligence to take Photos

Google’s Wireless Smart Camera ‘Google Clips’ uses Artificial Intelligence to take Photos

The biggest surprise of Google’s hardware event today was the launch of Clips, a small stand-alone AI-driven that can capture up to three hours of video and images and then automatically select the best moments for you.

The intelligence is built into the device to decide when to take these shots, which is really important because it gives users total control over it. It takes your images (probably while you set it down in your living room while you play with your kids), runs its pre-trained algorithms to find the best ones and then automatically generates your clips and picks your best images for you. This means it just works, no matter whether you are an iOS or user (though it comes with an app that lets you see the clips on the device and share them). And the device reflects this simplicity, with its one button (for manually starting recording) and straightforward design.

Every AI model needs to be trained, though, and to train Clips, Google actually worked with video editors and an army of image raters to train its models. So Google collected a lot of its own video. It then had editors on staff look at the content and say what they liked and then the labelers looked at the clips and decided which ones they liked better, which became the training material for the model. Over , the unit learns who the people are you care about and what images you are interested in.


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