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Google to launch Mini Smart Speaker with voice commands

Google to launch Mini Smart Speaker with voice commands

Google will introduce a “mini” version of its Google Home smart and it was tipped to be a $49 competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot.

Like the larger Google Home, the Home Mini will also feature Google Assistant and serve as a hub for smart home functions and information queries, just like its larger sibling. And like the Home, the Home Mini also sports a series of LEDs on top that will presumably light up in response to voice commands. It also includes unique FCC ID — ‘A4RH0A’, similar to the Google Home’s ‘A4RH0ME’ — and its description as a ‘’.

The device is a round-bottomed device, though it lacks the power connector cutout like on the bottom of the original Google Home. It’s possible that the power cable simply connects to the side of the Google Home Mini, however. It has 2.4 GHz and as well as Bluetooth LE, though the listing doesn’t offer anything in the way of what the device would offer in terms of . Google Home Mini will be unveiled at the upcoming Google event on October 4 and released soon after.



Credits: http://www.androidauthority.com/google-zero-touch-enrollment-802137/

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