GM announces stunning Buick Enspire, an all-electric SUV concept

GM announces stunning Buick Enspire, an all-electric SUV concept

General Motors announced the stunning, poorly named Buick Enspire at 2018. As a concepts go, this one looks great and rather feasible.

GM says it’s powered by Buick’s eMotion powertrain that can produce a maximum output of 410 kW (roughly 550 hp). This should make it good for a 4-second sprint to 60 mph. Range is clocked at 370 miles and the battery can be recharged to 80 percent within 40 minutes. It supports both fast and wireless charging.

Inside is an augmented reality windshield, OLED display and wood center console. And because this is just a concept and nothing is real, the Enspire features a 5G connection.

GM made a big promise in 2017 to release 20 electric within the next five years. The company is going all-in on electric , and something like this Buick would fit nicely in the world of crossovers and mild SUVs.

The Envision was announced in China, where the Buick nameplate is well-loved. It will be interesting to see if GM releases this sharp SUV under a different brand though. To me, throw a new grill on it, drop the dumb name and that SUV could be the future of Chevy. Pricing and availability were not announced.



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