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France is set to bar Mobile Phones in School, for Students aged 6 to 15

France is set to bar Mobile Phones in School, for Students aged 6 to 15

France is set to bar students aged 6 to 5 from using phones in schools, from the start of the next school year in September 208. It is probably one of the best favors their can extend to them.

The Guardian noted that there could be some issues with actually implementing the ban, like storing phones and returning them to their owners safely, owing to the lack of space for lockers. And in any case, some schools already have rules against children using phones during classes.

But the ban could have a larger effect: reducing children’s dependence on their devices, and possibly curbing their addiction to screens. The thing with phones these days is that it’s awfully easy to develop your own addictive behavior with it; there is an app for passively consuming every sort of content, whether that’s video shorts, game streams, or just brief snippets of your friends’ lives.

It takes very little to fall into that kind of trap, and younger users may be even more susceptible to forming habits. In his book Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids, addiction expert Dr. Nicholas Kardaras discusses how children’s brains are easily habituated into addictive content, including games that are designed to raise your adrenaline and dopamine levels.

That’s because the frontal cortex – the part of the brain that controls decision making and impluse control – isn’t fully developed until your early 20s, and so it’s all too easy for children to slip into a spiral of constant phone usage and eventually fall prey to screen addiction.

We are almost certainly going to be more connected and reliant on our mobile devices in the future than we are now, but that sort of behavior tends to push us towards online connections and on social networks, or what Dr. Karadas calls ‘the illusion of connection,’ and away from face-to-face communication with the people around us.

By banning the use of phones in schools, France could see its children spend several hours a day away from their mobile devices, engaging with each other and in activities that don’t require them to be glued to screens in their hands.

Credits: https://thenextweb.com/eu/2017/12/13/frances-ban-on-kids-phones-in-schools-sounds-like-a-great-idea/

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