Firefox Quantum Browser promises 2x Browser Speed and 30% less Memory Usage

Firefox Quantum Browser promises 2x Browser Speed and 30% less Memory Usage

Most of the users have switched from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome years ago because of the browser speed, simplicity and never looked back to try Firefox again. At that time, Firefox felt like it was getting slower and heavier with every update. This week, Mozilla has launched the most important Firefox release in years, beta of Firefox 57. To mark the fact that this is such a major release, Mozilla has named this release ‘Firefox Quantum’.

Mozilla has spent a lot of time and energy on various projects that went nowhere (mobile phone OS, IoT services, creating a built-in video service, etc). The organization also got caught up in some political trouble and it took a while for it to recover from all of this. Over the course of the last few years, Mozilla’s engineers were hard at work on a couple of projects that are now finally coming to accomplishment. Building these took longer than expected (and maybe necessary), but with Quantum, Mozilla now offers a browser that is worth installing again.

Many of the updates in Quantum come from Mozilla’s experimental Servo browser and engine. Servo was never meant to be released as a standalone project, but was basically the incubation chamber for the future of Firefox. That engine was written in Rust, a programming language Mozilla developed for exactly this kind of use case.

This means that, unlike previous versions, Firefox Quantum can now take full advantage of multiple CPU cores; especially when it comes to its CSS engine, which plays a major role in how fast a web page renders. Ideally, this also means Firefox now uses far less memory (and often this means it will actually use less memory than Chrome).

The also used this release to introduce a new interface. This means that the rounded tabs are gone, for example. The new interface focuses on simplicity and speed. Like previous versions, you can still modify the interface to your heart’s desire, but that interface will now also look good on high-DPI screens and work better on laptops with touchscreens. Firefox Quantum also features built-in support for Pocket, built-in screenshotting and a distraction-free reading mode.

Is Firefox Quantum significantly better than Chrome?

No, they are on equivalence again, and choosing a browser is often a very personal choice. Now that they are both comparable again, that balance is shifting. Plus, while Mozilla wasn’t looking, competitors like VivaldiBrave (from Mozilla’s ousted former CEO ) and others have rebound up, while Opera and others still hang in there, too.

The final version of Firefox 57 is to launch on November 14. Until then, you can check out all the new features in the current beta and developer releases.


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