FCC Plans to Eliminate Current Net Neutrality Regulations to Restore the Internet Freedom

FCC Plans to Eliminate Current Net Neutrality Regulations to Restore the Internet Freedom

Net Neutrality is the Internet’s guiding principle which preserves our right to communicate freely online. When you go online you expect to be connected to whatever website you want. You expect that your cable or phone company isn’t messing with the data and is connecting you to all websites, and content you choose.

Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like AT&;T, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked. In 2015, millions of activists pressured the Federal Communications Commission to adopt historic that keep the internet free and open; allowing you to share and access information of your choosing without interference.

But right now this win is in jeopardy: Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, wants to destroy Net Neutrality. In May, the FCC voted to let Pai’s internet-killing plan move forward. By the end of the summer, the agency was flooded with more than 20 million comments. The vast majority of people commenting urged the FCC to preserve the existing Net Neutrality rules.

Time is running out: The FCC will vote on Pai’s proposal on Dec. 14. Join the millions who have already spoken out against it.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai announced the agency’s intention to repeal a 2015 order that prevented broadband and wireless providers from either blocking or slowing down consumer access to content on the web. The plan aims to completely eliminate the current currently in place. Pai confirmed that the vote to nullify the Obama-era net neutrality rules will take place on December 14.

Because there are three Republicans and two Democrats on the commission, and the vote will surely fall on party lines, the scrapping of net neutrality is a likely possibility. The new proposal, which has been a long time coming, suggests that the federal government will cease “micromanaging the internet”, according to Pai. A new rule would see internet service providers required to be “transparent” on their practices only so “consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate.”

“Additionally, as a result of my proposal, the Federal Trade Commission will once again be able to police ISPs, protect consumers, and promote competition, just as it did before 2015”, Pai added. He also spoke out against President Obama’s implementation of the internet regulations from a few years ago. Under Obama, the FCC treated broadband providers like public utilities, which allowed it complete supervision over the way the internet providers conduct its policies. “Speaking of transparency, when the prior FCC adopted President Obama’s heavy-handed internet regulations, it refused to let the American people see that plan until weeks after the FCC’s vote. This time, it’ll be different,” said Pai.

Pai said that he’ll release the proposal that details his plan to restore “Internet Freedom” tomorrow. He noted that this will be more than three weeks before the vote takes place on December 14. The aforementioned proposal also states that instead of the FCC, the Federal Trade Commission is the government agency that will oversee the so-called protection of the internet. “Notably, my proposal will put the federal government’s most experienced cop, the FTC, back on the beat to protect consumers’ online ,” Pai stated.

Net neutrality requires ISPs to treat all internet data as the same regardless where it came from. The FCC’s rules, however, have sparked major controversy due to their decision to place broadband providers under the same stringent regulations governing networks.

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