Degoo: FREE 100GB Secure Cloud Backup for your PC or other devices

Degoo: FREE 100GB Secure Cloud Backup for your PC or other devices

Degoo is a efficient and user-friendly provider that enables you to upload and store your important files to a cloud server, so that your data will always be backed-up and retrievable from any part of the world, at any time. It enables you to back-up your files on a that splits and encrypts them, with the possibility to restore them without any issues.

Our digital world is changing, and storing files on local hard drives isn’t enough to ensure your data is secure. From malicious hacking attacks to hardware failures, there is a countless of different scenarios and risk factors that can make your precious information gets lost instantly. Cloud storage has emerged as the go-to option for backing up files, and Degoo is one of the best provider available. With Degoo Premium, you will get a massive 2TB of secure lifetime cloud storage. This cloud storage solution provides a lot of features to improve accessibility, efficiency, and security when it comes to backing up your data. It features 256-bit AES encryption, Degoo locks your files down with top-tier security, keeping you safe from hacking threats. Also, it allows you to share files via email or link, and it includes high-speed transfers to streamline your backup process.

In addition to giving you more space than any of the other cloud storage services, it detects changes in your computer’s file system to keep backups current without needing to re-upload unmodified files. Degoo is available on Mac and , as well as iOS and Android .

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100 GB Free Backup



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