Corsair launches K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard featuring Gaming Optimized Key Matrix

Corsair launches K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard featuring Gaming Optimized Key Matrix

RGB and mechanical keyboards have both swept the industry as must have for any enthusiasts. Corsair, an American computer peripherals and hardware company, recently launches K55 RGB keyboard for gaming. The K55 RGB Gaming keyboard features RGB illumination and programmable macros on the cheap.


  • Three-zone Dynamic RGB backlighting: 10+ vivid RGB lighting modes allow you to choose between multicolor static backlighting or immersive lighting effects.
  • 6 Programmable Macro keys: Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys, on-the-fly, without any additional software required to be installed.
  • Dedicated Volume and Multimedia controls: Adjust your audio without interrupting your game with direct access to volume and media playback.
  • Quiet and Responsive keys: Minimum noise and satisfying feel without sacrificing performance.
  • Multi-key Anti-Ghosting: Your commands and simultaneous keystrokes register the way you intended.
  • Detachable Soft Rubber Wrist Rest: Additional comfort to support your gameplay during marathon gaming sessions.
  • Fine-tuned Features: The k55 RGB’s windows key lock mode eliminates distraction by disabling the windows key while you are in action, while collapsible feet at the bottom of the keyboard allows optimal positioning for your hands.

Technical Specification

Warranty: Two years
Weight: 822g
Keyboard Backlighting: Three-zone dynamic backlighting, 10+ vivid lighting modes, customizable
Dimensions: 480.2mm x 166.3mm x 34.6mm
Macro Keys: 6 dedicated G-keys
Report Rate: 1ms
Matrix: Up to 8 key rollover
Keyboard Size: Standard
On-board Memory: Yes
Wrist Rest: Full length detachable soft rubber wrist rest
Cable Type: Tangle-free Rubber
WIN Lock: Yes
Keyboard Layout: NA

The K55 comes red to customize, control and ready for intense gaming sessions. It offers intuitive RGB control. 6 dedicated macro keys, multi-key anti-ghosting all for an affordable price. The cut back is the membrane switches used for the keyboard. The membrane switches are what standard keyboards use, compared to mechanical ones.

The membrane switches offer quiet and responsive keys with the multi-key anti-ghosting. Corsair offers minimal noise with a satisfying feel with making the keys feel cheap. The anti-ghosting offers simultaneous keystrokes which register instantly. The keyboard offers a sturdy plastic casing and rubber padded feet to prevent slipping on your desk. There is also the standard flip feet for an angled feel or flat feel depending on your style of typing. The cable is made of rubber to prevent any tangles that might happen with braided cables. The design of the cable with the corsair logo gives a premium look to the product.

The K55 comes with some customization option like a detachable wrist rest. This can provide additional comfort for longer hours of gaming. The multimedia controls allow direct access to audio without interrupting your gameplay and along with that also offers a Windows key mode that locks your Windows key. Typically if this is unlocked and pressed, this key will bring a user to the and to the start menu which is not good while your gaming.

The six programmable keys offer macro keys that can be set on the fly without software. You can assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key gestures that add more layers to your gaming experiences. This can be really handy for RTS games or that offer multi-layered systems and unique abilities that can be accessed on the fly.

The best feature of the K55 is the RGB illumination. The RGB backlighting offers 10+ vivid RGB lighting modes which allow you to choose between multicolor, static background, or immersive lighting effects.

The keyboard does have an excellent design and layout and offers good performance for normal membrane switches. This is an excellent introduction keyboard for new PC gamers looking to save, but if you’re in love with mechanical switches this keyboard will leave you unhappy. Mechanical switches are one those things that once a user becomes comfortable with does not want to go back. Mechanical switches feel better than membrane switches and there are a variety of different mechanical switch types to meet everyone’s personal preference. Membrane switches are quieter than mechanical switches but don’t feel as responsive when pressed.

The K55 is an excellent keyboard for the price but does lack in some areas. Membrane switches are cheap to manufacture which is why they are cost effective. The best thing going for the K55 is the price and dynamic RGB illumination. It will be difficult to find another alternative RGB keyboard with these features. Another suggested keyboard is, Cooler Master’s Master Lite L keys combo, which offers a hybrid of mechanical switches and a mouse for the same $50 price tag of the K55. Where the K55 shines is in its accessories and programmable keys.

The detachable wrist rest and the six programmable macro keys make the K55 an excellent choice for a gaming keyboard. If you are looking to enter the PC gaming Master Race at an affordable price tag and want RGB, then K55 is highly recommended. If you are a performance user and strive for the best, then it is best to save more money for mechanical switches, they are louder but offer the best overall feel and performance of any keyboard period. The Corsair K55 is available to buy for $48.99 on Amazon.


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