Best Free Remote Access Software Tools – Best Picks

Best Free Remote Access Software Tools – Best Picks

Remote Access Software (RAS) allows a user to remotely administrate another computer through a (Graphical User Interface). By remote control, you can take over the mouse and keyboard and use the computer you’ve connected to just like your own computer.

Remote desktop software is really useful for lots of situations, from helping your dad who lives 500 miles away, work through a computer issue, to remotely administering remote data centers from your office. Remotely accessing a computer requires a piece of software be installed on the computer you want to connect to, called the host. Once it is done, another computer or device with the right credentials, called the client, can connect to the host and control it.

RAS software usually falls into three categories:

  • Attended (someone must be present on the remote machine);
  • Unattended
  • Self-hosted RPC proxy servers (middleware for accessing firewall-protected networks).


There are also two different kinds of packages:

  • Downloaded and run without any installation;
  • Installed, and either uninstall at the end of the session or remain for future sessions.

The technical aspects of remote desktop software might scare you away. The better free remote access programs are listed below require nothing more than a few clicks to get started; no special computer knowledge required.

TeamViewer  – Very reliable remote access software with great features

TeamViewer is very reliable software which allows both attended and unattended controls and has great features. There is a portable version of the viewer and they also have a web-based control website that requires no installation to remotely control computers. The web-based version uses HTML and Flash, so it is usable even if the browser or firewall doesn’t allow Java or ActiveX. TeamViewer is a commercial product and is only free for personal use. Any commercial use is prohibited by the TeamViewer use policy.

Pros: Quick download and great reliability as well as loaded with the features you would most likely need while accessing a computer remotely.

Cons: Leaves a reminder window on the host and local computer about using the product – for personal use only. This product is only for personal use and using it for commercial purposes violates the use policy.

DownloadAndroid | Blackberry | iOS | Linux | Mac OS | Web App | Windows (App) | Windows (Desktop)

– A free screen sharing solution offering most features

Mikogo is not the fastest nor is it the most reliable software, but it offers the most features of any of the solutions in the same category. It is a full-featured solution comparable to the commercial Citrix GotoMeeting product with features such as presenter switching, remote control, white board sharing, file sharing and session recording. A portable version of this product is available from the developer.

Pros: Free for personal use. It also has the most features of any free solution including: screen sharing; remote control; switch presenters; session recording; file transfer; specific application sharing only; and up to 10 computers joined simultaneously to the session.

Cons: Sometimes disconnects if you have a less than perfect connection. Not the fastest screen updating of these solutions.

Download: Android | iOS | Linux | Mac OS | Windows (Desktop)

Real VNC – Cross-platform remote control, VNC authentication, Encryption, File Transfer, Chats, etc.

RealVNC provides both free and paid versions of the Remote Desktop Client, built on top of VNC framework. The VNC technology, or Virtual Network Computing is an open-source technology upon which this tool is built. VNC offers a reliable and secure connection. This cross-platform utility helps you connect individually to a remote computer or also connect multiple PC’s behind a public IP Address.

Pros: The reliability and features like encryption, collaboration tools and chat features to make sure that your remote connection bodes well for the person on the other end of it.

Cons: Difficult to configure the network getting started, with your remote connection

Pricing: Free for Private use, $30/desktop for Personal commercial use and $44/desktop for Enterprise use.

Download: Windows | Mac OS X | LinuxRaspberry Pi | Android | iOS | ChromeSolarisHP-UXAIX

– Mobile Apps, Unlimited audio, Recording, One-click meeting scheduling, Up to 250 participants and presenter swap.

Developed by LogMeIn, is a premium remote desktop service that lets a business run remote meetings, with people located anywhere across the world. Their instant screen sharing tool offers a better way for meetings and the paid versions offers up to 250 participants to join the meeting and a presenter swap lets people share their viewpoints across the attendees. is easily the best collaboration tool trusted by hundreds of universities and Fortune 500 companies.

If you are running a business or even for individual purposes you need to collaborate remotely with people, Join.Me is a great remote management tool that you can use. A fast, easy and better way to connect and collaborate with people remotely is what is all about.

Pricing: Free for Basic VoIP, $ 15/mo for Pro plan and $19/mo for Enterprise plans with premium meetings and advanced management.

DownloadWindows | Mac OS X | Outlook Plugin | Office 365 | Chrome | Android | iOS | Amazon Free

Splashtop – Stream audio and video, manage and transfer files, Free for personal use up to 5 computers.

Splashtop offers free and paid remote desktop solutions for individuals and businesses alike. You can use the tool for Free if you are using it for personal purposes on up to computers. Setting up the tool on your Windows or and accessing remotely over your Android or iOS based mobile phone is what Splashtop achieves pretty spectacularly. There is minimum latency on audio and video streaming, so that makes it easier for you to even enjoy your media remotely.

Pros: Pretty amazing experience and secured cross-platform support, with a minimal cost makes it one of the best

Cons: Primarily for accessing media remotely and for s little of troubleshooting purposes

Pricing: Free for 6 months, $1.99/mo after that (Individual use); $60/yr per user for Businesses.

DownloadWindows | OS X | Windows AppChromeKindle Fire | Windows Phone |  | Android | iOS

Ultra VNC – , File transfers, etc.

Another tool based on the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology is UltraVNC. This is a free tool developed for systems based on Windows to remotely access other systems. You can completely work on another remote system once the connection is established. File transfer is also allowed in this tool and that makes it a handy little free tool for quickly establishing a remote connection and getting your work done.


UltraVNC is a completely Free solution to remote desktop applications and offers a simple setup process that gets you connected in a matter of minutes. Use this tool for instant remote file sharing or helping someone remotely troubleshoot their issues.

Download: Windows

Chrome Remote Desktop – Google Chrome-based remote desktop accessing, Access to files and folders and Fully secured

Another one of the Teamviewer alternatives that even does away with the need of installing a software is the Google Remote desktop application. This free tool is available as an extension for Google Chrome browser, accessible on any operating system running it. The add-on lets users remotely access any desktop and its contents right from their browser.

If you are looking for a remote desktop solution without even the need for leaving your web browser, this nifty add-on will get you the work done. Setting up is simple and the add-on costs nothing in addition to providing an easy-to-use setup for getting your remote desktop connected.

Download: Google Chrome

WebEx – Video conferencing, Markup tools, , Free mobile apps, Scheduling in Outlook, Password protected messages, etc.

Cisco’s WebEx is more than just for conducting meetings. This free and premium tool lets you remotely connect with people based on different systems through the free mobile or desktop applications. These remote desktop setups albeit have to be an attended one on the other side. The one hosting the meeting could share his desktop and choose to pass over the control of mouse and keyboard to other presenters. Sharing files, chat and face-to-face live interaction are also capable with this tool.

If you are looking for a premium business solution or just for remotely accessing a desktop with added of interaction to it, Cisco’s WebEx would be a great fit for your needs.

Pricing: Free for 3 People, $24/mo, $49/mo and $89/mo for 8, 25 and 100 people respectively

Download: Windows | Mac OS X | Android | iOS

AMMYY Adminn – Easy to setup, System administrations, Remote office and presentations, Built-in voice and Text chat, etc.

AMMYY Adminn is a free remote desktop solution for both individuals and businesses alike. The tool, unlike heavy remote desktop software, comes in as a tiny application, under 1MB. You can also perform actions like file transfers and live chat in addition to remotely connecting to the other system. Secure connection and easy to manage software makes AMMYY Adminn one of the most preferred free remote desktop clients.

AMMYY Adminn leaves behind a shorter footprint when it comes to software requirements. The tool is pretty nifty and very low data consuming one which gets professional remote desktop accessing features for free. Simple to setup and get around with is one of the primary reasons that many users opt for this tool.

Pricing: Free for non-commercial uses; The Starter, Premium and Corporate licensed tools are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

Download: Windows

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – Fast and complete access control over a remote PC, Easy to set up and already built into Microsoft Windows.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a free feature built into the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This setting can be accessed from the computer’s System settings, found in the control panel. The router of the remote PC needs to be routed on the port 3389 to direct it to your PC. Multiple PC control at a time is not something that this tool is capable of. This nifty tool is great for users beginning out on Remote desktop clients and do not want to install any additional software to get the work done.

The tool is simple, easy-to-use and comes built-in with your edition of Windows OS makes this tool a great fit for beginners and dabblers, beginning out on Remote desktop applications. If you are looking to a less bloated remote desktop client, Remote Desktop Connection is your best choice.

Pricing: Free, Built into Windows Professional, Ultimate and Business versions.

Download: Windows

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