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Alibaba’s AI-powered project ‘FashionAI’ provides Fashion Tips and Suggestions to Offline Shoppers

Alibaba’s AI-powered project ‘FashionAI’ provides Fashion Tips and Suggestions to Offline Shoppers

FashionAI was developed by Alibaba researchers in order to provide a recognizable interface for customers to use while trying on clothes.

Alibaba’s sales from Saturday’s Singles Day event exceeded 25 billion dollars, more than quadruple what Americans spent last year during Black Friday. While the majority of those sales undoubtedly came via online purchases, also quietly experimented with an AI-powered project designed to boost offline shoppers. It’s a basic screen interface that uses machine-learning to make clothing and accessory suggestions to customers based on the items they are trying on. There’s no camera; it uses information embedded in the item’s tag to make the recommendations.

Using the system, customers can try clothes on, receive fashion tips and suggestions from the AI, then make choices on-screen. If a user wants to try something different, or add other items, a store attendant can be summoned with the press of a button. Deep learning allows the AI to make connections in real-time by accessing massive quantities of data and making ‘smart’ decisions.

The idea is that eventually the AI will get better at determining what you’re going to look at, what you’re going to compare it with, what you’ll want to purchase with it, and which items you’ll actually end up buying. Where no staff of humans could possibly be expected to remember the personal shopping preferences of every single customer, AI can. Alibaba’s FashionAI may have been nothing more than an experiment at this point, but it’s an exciting one.

Credits: https://thenextweb.com/artificial-intelligence/2017/11/13/alibabas-ai-is-the-blueprint-for-brick-and-mortar-stores-of-the-future/

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