AI-guided Smart Camera Assistant ‘Arsenal’ crosses the Kickstarter Funding Goals

AI-guided Smart Camera Assistant ‘Arsenal’ crosses the Kickstarter Funding Goals

A new product being funded on Kickstarter, Arsenal, aims to simplify the process of capturing images using a DSLR or mirrorless camera by utilizing artificial intelligence.

The system is composed of a hardware component that sits on the hotshoe and connects to the camera’s USB port, as well as mobile for iOS and Android that communicate via or Bluetooth to the main unit. Among other things, Arsenal chooses ideal camera settings for a particular scene based on what it has learned from thousands of similar existing photographs.

Arsenal was created by engineer and photographer Ryan Stout as a way to quickly shoot ‘amazing images’ in any condition, and without having to manually adjust the camera’s settings. The related mobile app provides total control over the camera, as well as one-tap access to an AI assistant – trained from a database of millions of photographs and their – that chooses optimal settings based on the scene in front of the camera. The software then goes on to refine its chosen settings based on 18 environmental factors. It even takes vibrations into account, thanks to its highly sensitive accelerometer.

Photographers are given a live preview of the scene through the mobile app, as well as manual control over aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. You can focus by tapping on your phone’s touchscreen as well, or tap multiple points and Arsenal will ensure they’re all focused. Arsenal also supports advanced camera functions, like automated photo stacking for HDR images, focus stacking, long exposures without the need for ND filters, and time lapse creation. The resulting Raw files are saved directly to the camera.

Arsenal supports cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony; photographers can input their own camera on this page to see whether it is supported. The camera assistant is currently being funded through Kickstarter, where the $50,000 goal has been exceeded with nearly a quarter-million in funding. Backers can get a Kickstarter Exclusive Arsenal by pledging at least $150; shipping is estimated to start in January.

The intelligent camera assistant currently looking for crowdfunding. Since then, the Kickstarter campaign has enjoyed huge success, with over $700,000 pledged and still plenty of time left to raise more funds. Arsenal’s creator has issued an update announcing that as stretch goals have been met, additional camera support will be added for launch, along with live histogram and night focus features.

A new stretch goal for $1,000,000 has also been set. If that funding level is met, Arsenal’s creators promise it will ship with remote video control and remote video playback.



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